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Laboratoires DermEden have created the first skin care line formulated by a dermatologist which provides targeted and effective solutions to sun-induced skin damages. Powerful active ingredients, light textures, visible results: 24 hours of skin perfection, and a true pleasure to use.

DermEden Paris is the first 100% French pharmaceutical brand whose works, based on advanced dermatological research, answer to specific needs of skins exposed to daily sunlight.

A unique concept, biological mimetism

Based on total respect for the skin, BIODERMA products imitate its natural biological mechanisms through their components and their modes of action. To formulate them, BIODERMA selects the purest active ingredients, using molecules naturally found in the skin for better tolerance. Depending on the malfunction, BIODERMA products preserve, activate or restore the skin's natural processes.

Puressentiel takes the best from nature in an ecologically responsible way, for the daily health, beauty and well-being of the whole family:

"With the help of botanists, scientists and pharmacists, we formulate innovative, effective and practical products ensuring that we develop pleasant textures and fragrances. We are simplifying the use of essential oils with these "ready to use" products, supplied with clear instructions for use. Natural solutions for daily use by the whole family: from the purifying of ambient air, to muscle and joint relief, to promoting respiratory well-being..."

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