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Respiratory Balm
With 19 Essential Oils
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Manufacturer Puressentiel
Price $ 40.43
Package50 ml

The Respiratory Air Balm is used in case of irritation and blocked airways, night-time coughing and fits, congested lungs, colds, rhinopharyngitis, ear infection, sinusitis.

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Respiratory Air Spray
Respiratory Air Spray
With 19 Essential Oils
by Puressentiel

The Respiratory Air Spray allows a respiratory well-being and stimulates the natural defenses.
To use when there are signs of cooling and allergies (runny nose, sneezes…)
Preventive and curative action.

$ 36.74
Respiratory NASAL SPRAY
by Puressentiel

The Hypertonic Nasal Spray is used during the period of winter respiratory viruses and allergies: Colds, rhinitis (chronic or allergic), sinusitis, rhinopharyngitis.

Advantages Of Puressentiel
  • Immediate decongestion
  • Does not contain corticosteroids
  • Does not contain vasoconstrictors
  • Free of preservatives
  • Non-addictive
  • Pump bottle
  • Non-irritant  
Directions For Use
  • Adults: 2 sprays into each nostril (maximum 5 times/day).
  • Children over 3: 1 spray into each nostril (maximum 5 times/day).
$ 37.36
Respiratory Throat Syrup
by Puressentiel

To use in case of dry cough, wet cough, mixt cough, bronchitis, tracheitis, throat pain, rhinopharyngitis

Advantages Of Puressentiel
  • Immediate decongestion and soothing effect
  • Pleasant taste
  • Without synthetic flavoring
  • Enriched in acerola
$ 37.38