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Intense Anti-ageing
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Manufacturer DermEden
Price $ 158.50
Package30 ml
A concentrate of anti-wrinkle and anti-pigment active agent

Intense anti-ageing Serum is a unique concentrate of 5 anti-wrinkle and 5 anti-pigment agents with immediate tightening effect. It repairs and fights effectively against damages caused by daily UV. Brown spots are reduced and their appearance slowed down, wrinkles are lifted and the skin looks smoother. The complexion is radiant and the skin recovers its ideal balance of firmness and elasticity.

Combining pleasure and efficiency, apply nightly this light and powdered texture to your face and neck. It can be used alone or with the night cream for an optimized action.
Dioic Acid > anti-pigment and anti-ageing
Hyaluronic Acid > anti-wrinkle and hydrating
Matrixyl 3000 > anti-ageing peptides and tightening
Retinol liposome > Anti-ageing
Synovea HR > anti-pigment
Vitamin B3 > anti-ageing
Vitamin C > antioxidant
Product reviews
by Michel on 5/25/2016
Like the Intense Anti aging cream, this serum is STRONG! but EFFICIENT too! different texture from the Intense Anti Aging cream, less creamy I would say, for a faster and deeper penetration in the skin, so it is to apply before the Intense Anti Aging cream!. The combination with that cream is really good, and visible after 3 -4 weeks! go for it!
by Betty on 12/29/2015
This product is wonderful! I started using them 4 months ago, trying to treat melasma that I have had for years, and the combined use of this Serum with the Night Balm or Cream has succeeded in virtually removing my melasma!! I could not believe it! I do use on of the Day Creams too, not only to protect my face from UVs but also because it does treat brown marks-wrinkles ...
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by DermEden
A unique combination of fruit acids

Intense Anti-Ageing Face is a unique combination of three types of Hydroxy Acids that helps repairing the visible signs of ageing through the skin renewal process. Wrinkles are reduced, giving way to a smooth and firm skin. Brown spots are diminished, leaving skin luminous, soft and balanced. Regeneration occurs both on the surface and deeper down.

Apply this silky formula adapted to all skin types nightly to your face, neck and neckline perfectly cleansed and dried. For an enhanced action on wrinkles and brown spots, apply first the Intense Anti-ageing Serum. Spatula provided with the product.
$ 139.19
by DermEden
A formula specifically designed for the eye contour

Intense Anti-Ageing Eye Contour fights against skin ageing signs such as wrinkles and brown spots, which appear earlier in the eye area, where skin is thinner and less well armed against aggressions.

With daily use, this skincare product also reduces puffiness, dark circles and fine lines while also firming the eye contour. The fragile eye area is soothed and nourished; the skin’s radiance, softness and balance are restored.

Apply nightly along the eye-contour, lightly massaging with your fingertips.
$ 85.00